The Coromandel Independent Living Trust welcomes volunteers.

Volunteers engage with local people and by assisting each other we build a stronger


We have various community projects that can incorporate the skills volunteers bring.
Volunteer Drivers

Volunteer Drivers take people to appointments in Thames and Waikato hospitals.

Drivers help people in the rural community access health services with travel costs met.


The Goldmine

The new Goldmine at the Re-Use Centre on Hauraki Road is reusing items that have value to

others.  The proceeds from the Goldmine go back into the community.

The Goldmine is in the process of becoming a community space where volunteers can impart

their skills and knowledge for the betterment of the community.

Presently volunteers are outfitting the workshop as a group, as well as creating a workspace

with ideas and comradeship flowing. Join the team!

CILT volunteers are working towards mentoring and skills exchange for future workshops.

Proposals so far are:

> Basic tool use and maintenance skills

> Car maintenance

> Furniture repair

> Landscaping


Please drop into the Resource Centre at Tiki House in Coromandel, email volunteers@cilt.org.nz or

phone Carol on 07 866 8358  for more information and to leave your contact details.