Whānau Social Services

Whānau Social Services (WSS) is an assessment, coaching, training, and support service.  WSS is child centred, family focused and strength based.  The overarching goal is to help parents/caregivers/whānau enhance skills and resolve problems to promote optimal child development, health and welfare. We can assess what the issues are, locate and access community services and supports and guide people to the right approach to open new futures for them.


We offer families and individuals wanting to learn new skills a wide range of coaching, education, techniques and tactics focused on supporting their needs. We can tailor packages or design something new to ensure individuals/families receive the training support they want or need.

Our Team

Our team includes, but is not limited to, social workers, an experienced educator and facilitator, counsellor, and a support facilitator with years of experience. Our qualified professionals belong to a professional organisation, and can work with individuals/families of all ages and groups.  Our passion is to reach those families/individuals that are struggling and make the criteria fit the need.

Our Services;

  • Are holistic
  • Wrap around
  • Offer support, skills and education
  • Fit for the family/whānau – adaptable
  • Offers one on one support
  • Identifies and builds on individuals and families strengths
  • Support families to bring about change within their situations/relationships through education, coaching, resources, support, learned skills and strategies.

Our Whanau Social Services Coordinator is Julie Douglas. She can be contacted on 07-8668358.