The Incredible Years Parenting Programme

The Incredible Years Programme is funded by a contract with the Ministry of Education.

Kate Donoghue, Julie Douglas, Sally Steven, Dana Vaughan and Latisha Ngatai are the facilitators of the programme.

It is a 14 week parenting program for parents of children aged 3-8 years. Participants meet once a week for two hours where they participate in group discussions. They then spend 10 minutes a day with their child on a specific activity each week. Over the weeks parents develop strategies to build positive relationships with their children and to manage problem behaviours through play and spending time together using praise & encouragement.

The Incredible Years Parenting Programme

  • Acknowledges that parenting is one of the most important jobs adults undertake
  • provides opportunity to strengthen parenting skills
  • supports parents to effectively manage challenging behaviours
  • encourages learning in a supportive environment
  • gives confidence to parents to make a difference in their families

The program covers

  • connecting with your child through play
  • learning how effective praise can build your child’s confidence
  • how to motivate your child through rewards
  • clear limit setting and consequences
  • effective strategies for handling misbehaviour

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Participant comments as to what they saw as the main benefit of the Incredible Years Programme, include:

“Great strategies and presented in a way that is easy to implement at home. Very positive approach.”

“I got so much out of it, it was great being with a group and to see we all have the same problems – I feel much more confident now that I can be a good mother” From a young mother of two preschoolers with other stresses in her life, who was initially reluctant to participate as she felt she didn’t have the confidence to participate in a group.

“I’m so glad that I did the course! I particularly loved all the information about coaching, academic, social and emothional and I loved the focus around child centred activities and 1:1 special time. That’s worked so well for me. Our family relationships are much closer as a result of doing the course – everyone should do it!”

“I have learnt heaps about how to discipline my children positively. i feel that having good routines and household rules has really helped the whole family. I feel more confident in my parenting. Things are happier in our family.”

Another participant living in an extremely stressful situation contacted one of the presenters some weeks after the end of the course to express gratitude. She said that the skills that she had learnt had contributed to positive family interactions and that a more peaceful family life had been sustained.

Of the three Grandmothers who attended the programme this year, one of them felt so strongly about the benefits of attending that she wrote a letter to the editor of the Coromandel Chronicle:

See the letter here.

For enquires, or to put your name down for the next course, please pop into the CILT Education & Training Centre at 90 Tiki Road, Coromandel, or email or phone 07-866-8358.