Coromandel Independent Living Trust

Enhancing the well-being of all people in the upper Coromandel Peninsula.


Our responsibilities
Respectful relationships
Care for all people

We value and respect diversity


To enhance the well-being of all people in the Upper Coromandel Peninsula.


To respond to need by working collectively with others to strengthen our community.

Starting in 1994 with a focus on disability issues, the Coromandel Independent Living Trust (or CILT) has become a broad-based community services provider for the Upper Coromandel peninsula. We were the first organisation in the Waikato to sign an integrated contract with Government. We belong to six national federations/associations and operate the following services under a community development model (where services are provided in response to need):

Strategic Objectives

To make a positive difference to people’s lives
To strengthen relationships with stakeholders
To seek opportunities that benefit our communities
To be sustainable
To be innovative
To be a leading provider

Strategic Priorities

Adult literacy
Training for Employment
Expansion to Whitianga
Opportunities with other organisations


Honour the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi
Support people to access their rights and privileges
Value trustees, staff and volunteers
Sustain and strengthen the Coromandel Independent Living Trust
Maintain and improve networks and alliances
Identify needs and opportunities and support and encourage new initiatives

He Whakatauki Maori

Hutia te rito o te harakeke
Kei hea ra te komako e ko
Ki mai ki ahau
He aha te mea nui o te ao
Maku e ki atu
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

A Maori Proverb

(If you) pluck the tender shoot of the flax,
Where will the bellbird be?
(If you) ask me,
What is the most important thing in the world?
I say to you,
it is people, it is people, it is people.

CILT Trustees

Trustees 2017


Mike Noonan

Margaret Harrison

Vicki Sephton

Andy Reid

Left – Right: Mike Noonan, Margaret Harrison, Airini Tukerangi, Vicki Sephton and Andy Reid

Sadly, Airini passed away early this year. What follows is a tribute to her written by Mike Noonan (Executive Trustee):

A Legacy Left

At CILT our year got off to a very sad start with the news that the chairperson of our trust Airini Tukerangi had passed away on the 4th of January. It was huge personal loss for me and for the other Trustees as she had been our chairperson for fifteen years. During that time we had got to know her well and we all enjoyed her dry sense of humour and her pragmatic and highly professional approach to her work. For the Trust her loss is immeasurable.

I first met Airini at the old Coromandel hospital in 1997. She was visiting with her parents Kahu and Sam. CILT was in its early stages as a Trust and I felt Airini’s background in health and education and her dedication to bettering the lives of people in Coromandel would make her a valuable trustee. I was delighted when she joined the Trust in 1998 and took on the role of chairperson.

Airini possessed a unique ability to see the big picture, to not let small setbacks deter us from our goals. She had an innate sense of how to lay the good foundations needed for projects to prosper. Having been born in Coromandel she understood the challenges of living in a remote rural community. She was deeply committed to Te Reo and Tikanga Maori, and she extended this dedication to providing opportunities for all people in Coromandel. She understood what made a small community tick and believed in strong whanau as the basis for strong communities. Professionally she had developed broad networks in education and health throughout Hauraki and also nationally. Quite simply Airini wanted the best for people. She wanted to see people well housed with good educational opportunities and with access to good health and to pathways for employment.

For me, Airini was always a reassuring presence. I could rely on her sound advice based as it was on common sense, experience and an intuitive ability to cut to the chase. She engendered very positive working relations with both me and CILT’s other trustees, Margaret, Andy and Vicky. She has left us a legacy to guide us. We will miss her greatly. Our deepest condolences go to her whanau at this very sad time.

E Te rangatira Airini, te whakaruruhau o nga kaitiaki, te poutokomanawa o te whare, te kaihautu o te waka.

E te hoa, moe mai ra i roto i to moengaroa.

Governance is provided by the Board of Trustees, whose role is to:

define the Trust’s purpose, direction and priorities ensuring that these are valued and worthwhile;
specify key outcomes, approving the resourcing to be available for their achievement and monitoring and evaluating the Trust’s achievements;
regularly scan the environment beyond the Trust to ensure that what it is attempting to achieve remains both relevant and possible;
develop a governance policy ‘umbrella’ which guides (or, as appropriate, constrains) all operational activities;
establish a framework for balancing risks and rewards and the management (control and mitigation) of risk;
appoint and manage the Executive Trustee, evaluating his or her performance and rewarding it appropriately;
ensure the Trust complies with statutory and contractual requirements and with the Board’s own policies;
set standards for, and evaluate, the Board’s own governance performance; and
ensure there is appropriate succession planning to ensure a balance between replenishment and continuity on the Board and revitalisation of the
Trust’s direction.
The Trustees are:

Andy Reid
Margaret Harrison
Vicki Sephton
Mike Noonan, Executive Trustee
Coromandel Independent Living Trust manages all listed projects.

Our Financial Controller is Joanne Scott CA and our Auditor is Michael Burt CA of 10 Orchard Road, Waihi 3641

Staff Training

From modest beginnings in February 1994, the Coromandel Independent Living Trust (CILT) has become an integral and much valued part of life in the upper Coromandel. Although when it was first set up the trust focused on providing services for people with disabilities, its range of offerings has since become much broader. CILT is now an innovative Charitable Trust working collectively for the community in the disability, housing and education sectors. The current focus is on providing education, training and employment opportunities, and supporting those less advantaged to get involved with, and claim their place in the community.

We believe in providing our staff with a work environment that is happy and harmonious – one that helps them become the best they can be professionally, and helps them achieve their professional goals.

CILT has a family first policy and promotes a healthy work-life balance for staff.

CILT provides ongoing training and development for staff. All staff keep their workplace first aid certificates up-to-date, doing refreshed courses every two years. Due to our distance from many training venues, staff regularly take part in various webinars and use our video conference facilities for training purposes. Sometime it is advantageous to attend training hosted by outside providers such as Community Waikato, GROW Limited and Exult Limited, or other training as required by our stakeholders.

A register is kept of all the training staff participate in.

Strategic Plan

Coromandel Independent Living Trust staff and trustees annually review their strategic plan using planning workshops.

Here is a link to our Strategic Plan 2014-2016

Here is a link to our Strategic plan 2012-2014

Structure and Staff

CILT was registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005, on 4th April 2008. Its Registration Number is CC22518.
Information about the Charities Act, and relevant information about CILT can be found at the Charities Commission website at

Here is a copy of our Charities Commission certificate.

CILT organisational structure 2015

Here is a copy of our Certificate of Incorporation.